Evenk is an indigenous people of Russia. We call ourselves “Orotchon”. We are spread throughout a huge territory from Enisey river to the Okhotsk sea, from the Arctic to Amur river. And yet we number only 30 908. Originally we came from the area of the lake Baikal.

My people not long time ago used to be nomads. The main activities were hunting, fishing, reindeer herding. Besides Evenk were known as skilled blacksmiths and bone and wood carvers. The typical dwelling was a tchum (a kind of a teepee) covered by reindeer skins during winter and by tree bark in summer.

The soviets forced the nomads to settle in villages and many aspects of our life were lost forever. But the same time we start grow vegetables and tend livestock. Many things have changed by we still the Evenk.

Alexey Flegontov,

Photo by V. Zagumennov